MBBS In Russia, Admission Process, Medical Colleges in Russia

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MBBS In Russia, Admission Process, Medical Colleges in Russia

Russia is rich in heritage, art, and culture. St. Petersburg is one of the most modern cities of Russia and is the 2nd largest city. It is also known as the cultural capital.

Russia has welcomed thousands of students from all over the world every year who visit the country for education purpose. The country is open to students from all nationalities and encourages vast cultural diversity.

One of the best reasons to study in Russia is that most of the Russian Universities are listed in the top medical universities in the world in the field of Medicine, Engineering, and Management.

Most of the courses are taught in English Medium which is an added advantage.

Russia has the most college-level or higher graduates in terms of percentage of the population in the world. The entry to subsidized higher education is highly competitive.

As a result of great emphasis on science and technology, Russian medical education, mathematical, scientific, and aerospace research is generally of a high order.

Russian Universities are extremely recognized and hence the student can work all over the world after completing their medical course.

The list of Universities mentioned below are already listed under the Medical Council of India where students should go and pursue their MBBS course and the degree is valid all over the world and students can participate in the MCI screening test conducted in India every year.

World Health Organization (WHO) is a globally acclaimed body under where all the medical colleges from all over the World are listed and work under the guidance and protocols of WHO.

Hence it is mandatory for every medical institute, university and colleges in India and abroad to be listed with WHO.

Benefits of studying Mbbs in Russia

  • Focus on imparting practical skills to the students.
  • Excellent weather conducive for studying.
  • Renowned teaching faculty with years of teaching experience.
  • Excellent quality education.
  • Courses recognized by major medical councils of the world.
  • Affordable fee.
  • Standard of Living as per European lifestyle.
  • Worldwide recognition of Russian Medical Education.
  • English as the medium of instruction.
  • Students are studying in a group of 8-10 students by one teacher.
  • Every year many students from India and abroad go to Russia.
  • All Universities of Russia are government university.
  • Indian food or self-cooking facility is available in most of the universities.
  • Degrees awarded by the Universities are recognized worldwide.
  • The MCI clearing ratio of most of the Universities is above 50% in the first attempt, while the rest clear in the second attempt.
  • Students and parents get many references for students already studying or passed out successfully.
  • Students who get back or cannot pass in any examination get to reappear in it within one month, which saves their year.

We at getting MBBS admission facilitate every student with the complete assistance of Personalized Counseling, University Selection, MCI Coaching in Universities, Step-by-step Admission Process, Career Counseling, Travel/ Visa Assistance and much more.

We are constantly involved in every junction of the career for every student from counseling to convocation.

English Medium | 5.8 Years program | Lowest Package · MCI /WHO Recognized | Degree valid all over the world.

Top Medical Colleges In Russia

There are more than 57 medical universities in Russia, all of them are Russian Government

List of top 10 medical universities in Russia

  1. Mari State University
  2. Perm State Medical University
  3. Orenburg State Medical University
  4. Tver State Medical University
  5. Siberian State Medical University
  6. Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University
  7. Moscow State University
  8. Saint Petersburg Medical University
  9. Kursk State Medical University
  10. Crimea State Medical University