Uttar Pradesh MBBS BDS admission :List of Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh 2019 with fee

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Uttar Pradesh MBBS BDS admission :List of Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh 2019 with fee

Uttar Pradesh MBBS BDS admission:List of Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh  with fee

1.Career Instt. Of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow(2011)

Fee: INR 1400000 Remarks :Muslim Minority

2.G S Medical College Hapur

Fee: INR 1130000

3.Era Lucknow Medical College, Lucknow(1997)

Fee: INR 1600000 Remarks :Muslim Minority

4.Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Barabanki(2009)

Fee: INR 1130000

5.Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Sitapur

Fee: INR 988000


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6.Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences, Barabanki(2012)

Fee: INR 1067000

7.Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar(2006)

Fee: INR 1059000

8.Rama Medical College and Hospital, Kanpur(2008)

Fee: INR 1130000

9.Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Hapur, Ghaziabad(2011)

Fee: INR 1130000

10.Rohilkhand Medical College & Hospital, Bareilly(2006)

Fee: INR 1081000

11.Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur(2008)

Fee: INR 1105000

12.School of Medical Sciences & Research, Sharda University)Greater Noida(2009)

Fee: INR 1150000

13.Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly(2005)

Fee: INR 1144000

14.Subharti Medical College, Meerut(1996)

Fee: INR 850000

15.Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College, Moradabad(2008)

Fee: INR 1620000 Remarks :Jain Minority

16.F.H.Medical College & Hospital,Forozabad (2014)

Fee: INR 1490000 Remarks :Muslim Minority

17.Heritage Institute of Medical Sc.Varanasi(2015)

Fee: INR 1031000

18.Integral Institute of Medical Sc.Lucknow(2013)

Fee: INR 1500000 Remarks :Muslim Minority

19.K D Medical College Hospital & Research Center ,Mathura(2015)

Fee: INR 1147000

20.Krishna Mohan Medical College   & Hospital,Mathura (2016)

Fee: INR 850000

21.Prasad Institute of Medical Sc,Lucknow(2016)

Fee: INR 1130000

22.Rajshree Medical Research Institute,Bareilly(2014)

Fee: INR 1130000

23.Saraswati Medical College,Unnao(2016)

Fee: INR 1055000

24.T S Mishra Medical College & Hospital,Lucknow(2016)

Fee: INR 1130000


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